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Rich and Deanna Villafana have been happily married since 2005. They’ve known each other since they were 8 years old when their moms became best friends. Before coming to know Jesus completely, they both failed at marriage. This failure resulted in multiple affairs and extremely poor communication with their former spouses. Although they got together at the wrong time in the natural, God works all things to the good (Romans 8:28) because He knew that they still had a purpose for Him. They understood breaking the cycles of divorce would mean that they needed to become students of how marriage and families are supposed to work according to God’s Word.

It wasn’t long before Good began to use them in helping other couples with similar marital issues that they had faced. By 2008 they began ministering to various couples on a weekly basis. Soon after they began ministering to step-families, addiction recovery groups, as well as asked to be keynote speakers at various conferences for men, women, and couples retreats. In 2009 Rich went into full-time ministry and has since earned a degree in Ministerial Leadership through South Eastern University. He remains in full time ministry with Deanna overseeing a faith-based Counseling Center with over 25  counselors helping couples and individuals overcome all types of  relationship issues through Biblical Counseling.

Deanna has gone much deeper in her education through South Eastern University and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She continues to recruit people who have a passion to serve by helping others thrive in their walk with God. Deanna is the backbone to a seamless operation serving as the Director of the Counseling Ministry at The House Modesto. She also oversees the practicum course for the Psychology Department at SEU-NorCal and is an ordained minister. 

Pastor Rich and Rev Deanna still mentor and counsel couples on a weekly basis. Deanna continues to do one on one mentoring to women at all ages and stages of life. Together they continue to serve under the leadership of Pastors Glen and Deborah Berteau at The House Modesto. They have been on staff since 2012 and know that they are exactly where God wants them to be.